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Date Place Judge Show Results
First time out in Norway - Norwegian and Nordic champion
June 9 Drammen,Norway
A. Ulltveit-Moe (S) CC, 2nd best male
May 25 Herlufmagle, Specialty Margaret Giles (Aus) 4th best male
"Elvis" is now Danish and Swedish champion
May 5 Skara, Sweden
Magnus Hagstadt (S) CC, BOB, 
Group 2nd
February 18 Göteborg, Sweden Specialty Anette Edlander (S) winner open class, 4th best male


Date Place Judge Show Results
"Elvis" is back in Denmark - december 2000
Athens FCI-International Show - judged by Andrew Brace  (GB)
"Elvis" won the group
October 7 Athens, Int. Andrew Brace (GB) CC, Cacib, BOB
September 17  Brøndby, Int. J. Rabasseda-
Gascon (ES)
CC, 3rd best male
ber 10
Helsingborg, Specialty G. Grandi (I) Res. WD, 4th best male
July 30 Rønneby, Int. L. Teixeira (P) Res. WD, 2nd best male
July 29 Rønneby, Int. C. Byström (S) CC, Cacib, BOS
July 27 Rønneby, Int. B. Svarstad (S) CC, Cacib, BOS

July 9

Halmstad, Int.

Brivio-Chellini, (I)

CC, 2nd best male

June 22

World Dog Show, Italy

P. Dondina (I)

3rd in Intermediate

June 17

Hillerød, International

B. Svarstad (S)

Res.WD, 4th best male

April 30

Aars, International

M. Fürst-Danielson (S)

CC,  3rd best male

March 5

Munkebo, Specialty

D. Javor (Croatia)

Res. WD

Show of Winners february 2000 - judged by Carlos Sales (Spain)
"Elvis" went, only 15 month old, Best In Show

February 20

Fredericia, Int.

N. Huidobro Corbett (ES)

CC, 3rd best male


Date Place


Show Results

October 2nd-3rd

Athen, International

A. Mesto (ES)
M. Fürst-Danielson (S)

BOB, Group 1st
Best in Show Junior

... late september "Elvis" took off to a dogshow in Greece...

September 25

Brøndby, Int.

A. Ulltveit-Moe (S)

CC, 2nd best male

August 15

Kolding, Int.

R. Vuorinen (SF)

Res. WD, 4th best male