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7/12/2002 - Madison´s brother: GEYDOVE NORDIC LIAISON, Won BOB and BIG, in the prestigious show HUND 2002 in Stockholm Sweden. IN JUST 9½ months of age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/10/2002 - Madison, in her FIRST time out, in the puppy class, became B.I.S puppy, in All breed International Show in Athens , under Goran Bodegard From Sweden.
26/09/2002 - Update in Madison Photos and Family.
6/05/2002 - Madison (Greydove NewYork NewYork) arrived in Athens. She is very cute.
15/02/2003 - Madison was for hunting trials and she WON the german VJP title. we are so proud of her.
16/02/2003 - In the natioan show in Thessaloniki organished from the kennel club of Greece KOE , Madison got for another time BOB , and best Junior in Breed.
06/04/2003 - In the big International show  organised of the kennel club of Greece , Madison  got  BOB , best junior in breed ......... and 3rd B.I.G under Hans Muller the president of the F.C.I.
04/05/2003 - In the national all breed show in Korinth , Madison won again the BOB, and Best Junior in Breed. And for the last time out as a junior she got also JUNIOR B.I.S. From the next show Madison she will be entered in the open class.