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"Gaia" is a small kennel situated in a northern suburb of Athens.

The idea of the " Gaia " name started out of my occupation with medicine.
In Greek, "Gaia" means "good health" and in ancient times "Gaia", was the goddess of Health.

I've been involved with dogs since the late `80`s, mostly showing than breeding, concentrating for many years, in one of the most beautiful dog breeds, the AFGHAN HOUNDS.
Being around afghans and thinking that if I wanted the best, I should go where the best where, I went to Sweden and Denmark, where I was honored to meet Kirsten Nielsen, and the quality of the Boxadan Afghans.
I lived in Denmark for some years, where with Kirstenīs help and instructions, I got involved with Scandinaviaīs dog scene, watched and learned in the most professional way.
Unfortunately, a variety of reasons and mostly my occupation as a doctor, brought me back to Greece, where I work as a Radiologist.

Nevertheless, I keep a high interest and a passionate love for the quality dogs, deciding to get involved also, with another elegant and beautiful breed I always loved, the Weimaraner.
That was possible, thanks to the trust showed to me by two, of the most brilliant women breeders/ lovers of the breed, at the other part of the world, Narelle Goold and Val Peters.
Thanks to them and their breeding efforts, a very promising puppy of the best quality, destined to become our foundation bitch, will soon be coming to "Ygeia kennel".
SHE will make the "grey gost" dream come true in the most beautiful and promising way !!!